More gadgets for me: Canon Pixma iP4950

I am happy I was born in this century- imagine all the possibilities we have, the technology we can enjoy, easily, without depending on anyone- we can bring the future in our homes just with few gadgeds. I am amazed about the new Canon Pixma iP4950, for instance- the latest version of Canon Pixma iP4850, which was one of the best Canon’s selling products by now. Imagine a better one.

What I love about it, is the possibility of printing on CDs and DVDs, with special printable media, which comes as a standard and, since I have this new hobby- photography- now I can also print directly from my camera, with great print quality. I can post my home printed photos, surprising my loved ones with original presents or cards.

You can also play, with different paper types and formats, because Canon Pixma iP4950 has 2 different paper trays and, more than that, you can print on both sides of the paper, using the standart duplexing unit. I can write my book and print it at home. Amaizing, isn’t it?

About CISS I already wrote several times and some of you were happy about it as well, even if you had some difficulties with your printer setup or/ and the chips. The new Canon Pixma iP4950 comes with the resettable chips included, so you can use the CISS Ink System easily, for better quality, cheaper, thanks to CISS Ink System Canon.

The competitive price starts ar £99, which makes a great deal of it. If you already have the printrer or intend to buy it, you can also check the details of the new CISS Ink System for Canon Pixma iP4950 / iP4850 / MG5250 / MX885 / iX6550– which, I said above, has the resettable chips included, and can be shipped for £49. Enoy it!

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