How does it work?

As you know, I’ve wrote several times before, about the benefits of having a CISS, but never would I have thought I would actually had the chance to get one for myself. The problem- while living in the UK, I could find the products only in Romania. Well-well, good news for me, now I can order one even from here- easy!

I mean, why not? I can save my money up to 95% and print colour at the same price as black&white, without worrying about the cost or quality. Its perfect that my Canon printer match the CISS Canon, as I was a bit afraid the models are not compatible.

I’m also happy about their system, as I never enjoyed changing the ink tanks- but with CISS, instead, you just add the ink in the external tanks when the ink its almost  finished- no dirty hands, no dirty printer- you know how clumsy  I am!

I’m curious now about getting one as soon as possible, probably the 8 ink tanks one, as I want to print colour the Christmas letters. At least, when I’ll get my own CISS (continuous ink supply system), I will get it together with the 100 ml for each colour, for free. Great, isn’t it?

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