Thoughts for every day [143]

“We see the things we want to see along with what we want others to see about us. In an age where we curate our lives digitally, choosing the things we present on Facebook, blogs, Twitter, countless other networks, can we ever know the truth about someone?

Aren’t we all choosing the most flattering versions of ourselves to represent us? We untag unflattering photos, don’t share the more embarrassing or uglier details of our lives, and pick and choose what we present.”

Anaïs Escobar, în documentarul Catfish (2010) 


2 thoughts on “Thoughts for every day [143]

  1. Grapefruits, unde-i articolul cu panda? don’t be a racist, sau era poza pe facibuci?…hmmda…

Împarte o felie de grapefruit :)

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